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My name is Jan MAJER - HANZ

jmenuji se Jan MAJER - HANZ

a stojím za vznikem a založením společnosti Real Target s.r.o..

Děkuji za váš čas a za vaši důvěru .

The Czech company REAL TARGET s.r.o

It specializes in the development and production of 3D shooting targets, its own plate carrier system, magazine pouches, first aid kits, tactical shooting belts and personal ballistic protection.

We subject everything we produce to demanding testing, so that we achieve 100% quality of the final product. Thanks to these parameters, the products are intended for the armed forces as well as demanding users. We cooperate very closely with units from the AČR, PČR and from Poland.

Plate carriers are the only ones in the world that use a unique and our own pouch attachment system without the use of molle webbing.

During development and production, we rely on our own experience from the Army of the Czech Republic, where we completed several foreign deployments and many days, weeks, months and years of training with the long range recon reconnaissance LRRP unit.

We are not a company that copies, but develops and manufactures its own products.

We go our own way...

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