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Pistol magazine pouch 9mm - SPM (Single P.M) RT Gear®

Pistol magazine pouch 9mm - SPM (Single P.M) RT Gear®


Pouch for pistol magazines 9mm SPM - combining elastic strap with Velcro.

  • It is a world first in its Anthropoid® plate carrier attachment system. Bag for pistol magazines 9mm - SPM  (Single P.M.) RT Gear® combines an elastic strap with Velcro.


    Thanks to tested production with hundreds of pieces of samples - the trays hold without the use of rubber bands - so you won't be stuck with a million rubber bands and you'll enjoy manipulation with one hand..


    The bag is designed so,  to enable convenient placement in a few seconds at any place on the plate carrier. It only uses a system of Velcro and straps.



    On the front, there is a velcro fastener for combination with any other bag, TQ tourniquet case, admin case, or first aid kit. Thanks to its combination of elastic cord, nylon cord and  dry zipper, the bag holds the shape and attachment of the magazine very well.



    Velcro is sewn along the entire length of the back of the bag's inner space. There are straps on the front and back for attaching the cords. Thanks to this variant, you can add different types of magazine attachment systems, both on classic cords and a webbing strap across the entire magazine. 



    You can freely change the bag in a few seconds to any place of the specially designed side panels. Thanks to this system, bags allow you to use places that other types of carriers do not allow.

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