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Recon Wallet RT Gear®

Recon Wallet RT Gear®


This is a smaller version of the wallet, which won't screw you up even if it's full :-) .. You can easily put it in the front pockets.  It combines 500D with an Elastic strap, so you don't have to worry about your valuables inside, which are perfectly under control.. 

  • A smaller version of the wallet, which fits comfortably in the front pockets  .


    From the front Velcro panel for your Domovenko :-) .


    Fastens with an elastic strap with Velcro  .


    It does not take up unnecessary space. And thanks to the layout of things, you won't be disappointed by its size even if it's full to the brim.-)


    A place for blacksmiths to the Casino for roulette, as well as for Firearms ID + IDs from weapons + Bank cards + OP ID, etc.. 



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