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KYRYS steel plate

KYRYS steel plate

Kč6,990.00 Regular Price
Kč5,990.00Sale Price

The basis of the KYRYS steel plate is the most modern, hardest, ultra-hard armor steel Armox® Advance in the thickness of 5 mm from the Swedish company SAAB. · The steel plate itself is covered with our PANCIR material, which is unique and is not used anywhere in the world. It is not plastic, silicone or rubber. It has high density, extensibility, flexibility, viscosity, and thanks to these properties, it can slow down projectiles and projectile fragments themselves, which remain inside the material during fragmentation. I dare to say that it is the best breakthrough combination in use on steel plates so far and it is not used anywhere else in the world.

    • It captures and slows down projectile fragments so that it is a breakthrough result compared to materials used so far such as paxcon, rubber, various alloys and textiles.
    • The material is permanent
    • Low profile 2.2cm
    • High durability, flexibility, viscosity
    • Comfortable material to wear compared to the harder protection of steel plate
    • The shape is copied by the steel plate that is inside with an overlap of 0.5 cm on each side
    • The weight of 1 piece is 4.1 kg
    • Any size and shape
    • Ceramics vs Kyrys - Kyrys has a much longer lifespan .. Armox has a lifetime warranty on the material
    • Ceramics vs Cuyrys - Cuyrys can withstand any extreme treatment compared to ceramics
    • Ceramics vs Kyrys - Kyrys does not have any bulges or deformations from the back during hits that would cause further injuries
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