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First aid kit IFAK A.L.A. RT Gear®

First aid kit IFAK A.L.A. RT Gear®


IFAK A.L.A. is manufactured and designed to meet the maximum criteria in the field of military medicine. 

  • IFAK A.L.A. is invented in cooperation with the capacity in the field of military medicine - Jaroslav Duchoň ofcompanies  . We are the only IFAK of this type in the world. Meets maximum usability. It can be placed on the front universal panel and left on the front or back of the carrier. It can be removed and fully unfolded. 


    IFAK works as a completely collapsible packaging for the inner case (roll) in which the things to be treated are contained.


    There are 2 flaps on the front to secure the inner case.


    You can pull out the inner case from the left or right side.


    You can completely remove the separate IFAK or leave it on the universal panel. 


    On the front side, IFAK has a velcro panel to which you can freely attach a TQ tourniquet case ( Tourniquet). You can do the same from the back to the left or right. 


    IFAK can thus accommodate a total of 3 x TQ tourniquet cases. 


    IFAK works with a universal panel to achieve maximum usability and versatility. 




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