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Admin RT Gear® Case

Admin RT Gear® Case


The admin case is a universal pocket, with a velcro zipper on both sides and an inserted zip pocket inside.  On the back side, there is a large panel for placing the pocket on any part of the vest with velcro (hair).  Thanks to our Adapter system, you can place it comfortably on any type of vest with Molle binding. 

  • Admin case is very versatile. The case includes an internal removable zip pocket. Inside from both sides there is a Velcro fastener for any insert. 


    On the back side there is a velcro zip with a width of 10 cm and a length of 24 cm


    Thanks to the size of the back panel (velcro) and its practical testing, it works without straining to peel it off.


    The Admin holster is designed to work thanks to the rear adapter on any type of vest using velcro or Molle straps.

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